Choosing The Right Size Sofa

Things To Think About

  • Intended Use. Rather than choose a sofa that ends up being too big or worse, too small, take time to consider how many people will use the sofa daily and weekly. Will you need a sofa that can sit your guests when they visit or, do you have separate guest seating? Like to lie down in the evenings? Then make sure the length of the sofa is going to be suitable. Planning on having guests over to stay? Then think about one of our sofa-beds.
  • Space. Many new builds or developed older buildings typically have smaller living spaces nowadays, so finding the sofa that fits into your living space is essential. Keep the architectural features of the space in mind, like the windows and fireplaces, making sure the sofa is working with these features to optimise the space. Consider whether you will have the sofa running along a wall, or a chaise sofa tactfully placed in a corner or, two opposing sofas in the middle of the room for a centre piece.
  • Existing Furniture. Ensuring that the sofa works with the existing furniture is equally as important. Consider the height of the other furniture, particularly coffee tables and complimentary chairs. Consider how you move through the space; having a large sofa can restrict the traffic flow but it can equally maximise the space you have.

Sizing Guide

  • Sofa Length. A three seater tends to have a seating length between 200 and 250cm, with a two seater being between 120 and 150cm. Consider leaving space on a side of the sofa for a coffee table.
  • Seat Height. Modern sofas tend to be lower than more traditional sofas, which is fine if you like to kick it back and relax. If you prefer to sit in a more upright position, one of our traditional sofas will be better suited to you.
  • Seat Depth. If you're like us and you spend time lying down on the sofa or curled up under a blanket, you will benefit from a deeper seat. Alternatively, corner sofas offer the best of both worlds, with a classic sofa and place to stretch out.
  • Delivering The Sofa. Usually doorwarys are the narrowest part of our homes. To find out if the sofa will fit through, compare the height of the sofa with the internal width of the door frame - this will determine if the sofa can fit through on it's side. You will also need to keep in mind any narrow hallways or corners that need to be navigated. On our product measurement drawings, there are sometimes two height measurements, for this exercise use the lower measurement.

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