Fabric Swatches

Need a little extra info on our fabrics? Take a look at our fabric swatches below. If you need any further information on a particular fabric, don't hesitate to contact us.


A high-quality woven fabric, that has a multi-coloured effect due to the different colours materials used to make up the fabric. The strength of the weave make it very resistant to spillages and the low profile of material make Grande easy to clean. The manufacturer has utilised two different coloured threads when creating Grande, which give the fabric it's interesting multi-coloured effect. Overall Grande is good choice for a family home due to it's durability and being easy to clean.


A delightful medium-soft woven velour that has an interesting horizontal pattern running across the fabric. Despite being a soft velour fabric, Element's thickness and low piling make it durable and resistant to threads being pulled. Two different coloured threads have been used, which creates an interesting effect when viewed from different angles. Element is also resistant to water and can be easily cleaned due to the smooth texture. If you are looking for a soft and smooth fabric that is still resistant to daily life - Element is a good choice.


An elegant eco-friendly velvet that is available in large variety of colours. The protective film creates a hydro-phobic layer, protecting the luxurious material from spillages, maintaining the soft texture for years to come . Whilst being soft-to-touch, the material is also durable. Monolith velvet is a great choice for those after a soft velvet. For a velvet that is still luxurious but slightly less soft, check out Matt Velvet.


A soft knitted fabric that has a slight iridescent quality and a beautiful pattern. Milton is available in a stunning selection of colours, from the neutral in-trend beiges to the more daring rainbow palette of colours. The piling of the fabric is very low which will minimise the chances of threads getting pulled, but still gives the dark and light effect when rubbed in opposite directions. A good choice for those looking for a soft and fine fabric.

Matt Velvet

Whilst still oozing character and opulence, Matt Velvet is more family friendly than the Monolith velvet fabric, due to it's greater thickness and durability. The fabric's hydrophobic layer, means that Matt Velvet is very resistant to spillages. Matt Velvet is a great choice if you are looking for a soft and sensual fabric but with more resistance. For a softer velvet, check out the Monolith fabric.


A multi-coloured fabric that is made up many different threads, which give the fabric a multi-layered effect. Polairs is available in a range of colours, however it is the on-trend greys that we are particularly fond of. Polaris is a medium soft fabric with a low-piling.


A very soft knitted fabric that is easy to clean and also waterproof. Forres has a medium piling on the surface which gives the fabric it's soft texture. The fabric has a lovely horizontal pattern, which would make an interesting feature on a sofa. Due to the piling the fabric has an iridescent quality, which coupled with the pattern and softness make an overall delightful fabric.


Esperta is smooth yet textured eco-friendly nubuck fabric. The fabric is designed to resemble a genuine nubuck leather but, has the benefit of being sourced from animal friendly materials instead. Like a real leather, Esperta is water-proof and has a grain pattern on the surface. Being a durable fabric, Esperate is suitable for a family home.


An intricately knitted chenille fabric which is soft and delicate however, remains durable. The low fuzzy pile creates the soft texture which is easy to clean and resistant to spillages. A truly lovely fabric that is suitable for both adult, children and pet homes. Orion is available in a selection of neutral and statement colours.


A plush woven velour fabric that is delicate but very suitable for everyday. Extremely luxurious to touch thanks to the super smooth texture. The piling is very low on this fabric however, it still creates a slight two tone effect when touched. Being resistant to water and very durable, Torre would work well in an adult only home or as well with children.


An environmentally friendly faux-leather, that benefits from having a fantastic texture. Vienna has been created with a fine grain, giving the fabric a slightly textured yet sleek and smooth texture. With the added benefits of being water-repellent and easy-cleaning, Vienna offers the benefits of a real leather whilst being animal friendly. 


A cosy, plush chenille fabric that is soft to touch whilst still being easy to clean. Available in a range of on trend colours. The raised and feathery fabric will leave you wanting more. 


A premium imitation nubuck leather made from animal and environmentally friendly materials, which is also waterproof. The fabric mimics a genuine nubuck very well with the slightly raised profile, two tone colour and textured touch. Gusto would work best in an animal and child free environment.

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