Looking for advice on choosing the the fabric and colour for your next sofa? Other than the actual sofa, choosing the material and colour is the next most important decision. We've put together a selection of sofas, detailing the fabric and colour to help you visualise your choices.


Grande is a high-quality woven fabric, that has a multi-coloured effect due to the different colours used to make the fabric. The fabric benefits from being very effective in blocking dirt and spillages from penetrating due to the strength of the material.
Grande also benefits from being easy to clean, making it a good choice for a family home. Grande is available in a wide range of colours, to suit any home.

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Element is a medium soft woven velour that has a delightful two-tone colour and an interesting horizontal pattern. Despite being very soft, Element is resistant to water and due to it's thickness it is very durable. The two tone colour also creates an interesting effect when viewed from different angles.


A water repellent fabric that offers a range of stylish colours, enriched with an innovative, opalescent texture. The colours of this knitted fabric are selected to ensure a creative combination whilst retaining structural cohesion. A rich fabric that would be well suited to any home.


Gusto is a premium nubuck leather imitation fabric made from animal and environmentally friendly materials. The fabric has an interesting two-tone colour scheme which creates a sense of depth. There is also a slightly raised profile, adding to the luxurious feel of the fabric and mimicking the texture of a soft leather hide. Due to the strength of this material, it is suitable for a family home. 


The elegant Monolith fabric is an eco-friendly soft velvet that is coated in a protective film. The protective film creates a hydro-phobic layer which protects the soft material from spillages. Whilst being soft-to-touch the material is also durable. Monolith velvet is a great choice for those after a soft velvet. For a velvet that is still luxurious but slightly less soft, check out Matt Velvet.

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Matt Velvet

Matt Velvet is, as the name suggests, a matt velvet fabric. Whilst still oozing character and opulence, it is more family friendly than the Monolith. Due to the fabric's hydrophobic layer, it is very resistant to spillages. Matt Velvet is a great choice if you are looking for a soft and sensual fabric but with more resistance. For a softer velvet, check out the Monolith fabric.


The Vienna fabric is an environmentally friendly faux-leather that is available in a mixture of neutral and bold colours. Whilst being a faux-leather, the grain is replicated well creating a very similar texture. Vienna has the added benefits of being a water-repellent and easy-cleaning fabric.


Sofia is a super comfy, premium and plush chenille fabric that is soft and delicate. The raised profile of the fabric helps create the charismatic charm of the fabric, making it an addictive texture. Whilst being delicate and soft, the fabric is easy to clean should it be soiled. Available in a range of on trend colours, ranging from neutrals to pastels to deep and darks. This feathery fabric will leave you wanting more. 

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